This package can flexibly generate income deciles based on multiple approaches such as a lognormal based approach or a more detail PCA driven model.

Getting Started with pridr

pridr can be directly installed from its GitHub repository using the R devtools package. From an R prompt, run the command,


For developers-

If the development version is cloned via the GitHub repo, pridr can be loaded using the Rproj file (pridr.Rproj) and the following command-


User tutorial and examples

A list of examples along with a user tutorial describing the different features in pridr are available in the pridr tutorial for IAMC.

Work flow for SSPs

The user can also generate all income distribution projections for the SSP scenarios using the workflow file Code/SSP_workflow.R.

Contributing to pridr

We welcome contributions to pridr from the development community. Please contact us at the email IDs below if you want to collaborate! The pridr GitHub repository is accessible here: GitHub Repository. In order to report issues with ambrosia, please open an issue in the above mentioned Github Repository.

For more information about contributing, please contact Kanishka B. Narayan at or Kelly Casper at